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The Honorary General Consulate of Turkey in Krakow started its activities on 1 July 2020 at its headquarters at 29 Listopada 137 Avenue. The consulate's scope of activity covers the Małopolskie, Śląskie and Podkarpackie provinces.


Opening the Consulate was based on nominating Mr Paweł Dowgier as Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Turkey, which was preceded by the issuance of Commission Letters by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey on 2 April 2020 in Ankara, and then the granting of Exequatur by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland on 21 April 2020.


The main tasks of the Consulate are:

  • providing assistance to Turkish citizens and supporting their efforts in cooperation with local authorities,
  • assistance and support for Turkish artists and students,
  • development of trade and economic relations between Turkey and Poland,
  • providing relevant information on commercial matters and authenticating commercial documents,
  • promoting Turkish culture,
  • encouraging Turkish companies to participate in cultural events,
  • protection of the interests of the Republic of Turkey.
Turcja krajobraz

Paweł Aleksander Dowgier

  • Przedsiębiorca, autor i koordynator inwestycji deweloperskich, urzeczywistniających wizje znanych polskich architektów. Wyznaje zasadę, że w trakcie tworzenia nowej tkanki miejskiej następuje integracja nowego ze starym oraz otwieranie ludzi na siebie. Po prostu tworzy się piękno,
  • for a decade co-owner and managing director of the family construction and conservation company "DES", awarded in many rankings. For over 40 years, the company has been actively involved in conservation work on valuable monuments in southern Poland, among others: Wawel Royal Castle in Cracow, Jasna Góra Monastery, buildings of the Old Town in Cracow, numerous palaces and churches and public buildings.
  • Wizjoner, który kocha współtworzyć i realizować ambitne projekty,
  • Absolwent Studiów Doktoranckich na Uniwersytecie Ekonomicznym w Krakowie,
  • a scholar of the Government of the Republic of Austria;
  • lecturer at the German Zeppelin Univeristaet and at the Fr. Joseph Tischner European University in Krakow;
  • Privately - father of two wonderful children, sports enthusiast, long distance travel lover.

About me

The history of the Turkish state and its wonderful history has accompanied me from an early age. The legends of this nation have always been a living part of family gatherings and have been passed on from generation to generation. This custom was initiated in a small village in the Podkarpacie region - Radomysl nad Sanem, which was the life center of my ancestors. The family history dates back to the reign of King John III Sobieski, namely the participation of my great-grandfathers - called upon by the king to go to Vienna battle. According to the news, fearless craftsmen from Radomysl took prat in the victorious clash and came back. As a symbol of victory over a brave and respectable opponent, they brought elements of the Turkish uniform - according to tradition stored in a local church.

As a young boy, learning about the history of my ancestors, I was charmed with their respect for courage of their opponent - who were Turkish warriors, whose echo is still cultivated to this very day in my ancestoral village.

My family still celebrates the Turkish folk rite during Easter. It represents the return of the victorious craftsmen, who entered the village in the decorative clothes they had captured during the battle and then took a guard in the church. Since then, children and adults have been dressed in Turkish costumes to commemorate the events.

Among Poles, the memory of the Turks waiting for a Lechistan deputy during the the most important state ceremonies - at a time when our country was wiped off the maps of Europe and the world.

These events arouse in me a great sentiment for the Turkish Nation, so today I am connected with Turkey not only by my professional work or diplomatic activities, but above all very numerous, close and long-term friendly relations with its wonderful inhabitants. Because of those relations I had a chance to fall in love with this beautiful and diverse country. What's more, from the very beginning I noticed incredible development potential of Turkish nation, which thanks to dynamically growing multilayer cooperation with the Republic of Poland has a chance to result in a dizzying number of new projects, not only economic ones.

Paweł Aleksander Dowgier


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Paweł Aleksander Dowgier

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Turkey in Krakow

+48 507 144 515


  • al. 29 Listopada 137
  • 31-422 Kraków
  • Poland

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